Wasp Nest Removal London

Wasp Nest Removal Harrow

Wasp Nest Removal Harrow


Every summer we remove literally thousands of wasp nests from homes and businesses in Harrow. We specialise in everything wasp related from removal to fumigation and even wasp proofing.

Wasp proofing is certainly not for the faint heated, it takes time, expertise and a will to succeed as wasps can enter through tiny holes in brickwork, under tiles, around pipes the list of possible entry points is often almost limitless.

We would not normally recommend wasp proofing as it can be quite costly to fully proof a property against wasps, but in exceptional circumstances we sometimes do advocate this service.

That said, our wasp nest removal service is very affordable, we even run special offers every now and again…. give our website a quick squizz, we may have a special offer running now.

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